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"Guy Finley's books are essential for positive living and achieving your maximum potential." Actress Suzanne Somers

"Guy Finley doesn't just talk about self-freedom, but leads you through the doors of yourself into a Higher World within yourself where you discover you are already free." Alan Corbeth, Producer of Coast-to-Coast radio show

Guy Finley, the Director of the Life Of Learning Foundation, is the author of 8 books and 7 audio albums. He has made appearances on more than 400 radio and TV shows nationwide, airs a weekly cable TV show in Southern Oregon, presents more than 150 audio-recorded seminars each year, broadcasts the radio show "Letting Go with Guy Finley", and is endorsed by celebrities, doctors, and industry leaders.

From a very young age, Guy was confronted with certain troubling contradictions in American society. Born to wealthy, famous parents, his friends were the kids of stars, often having serious problems with alcohol and drugs - Dean Martin, Lucille Ball and Liza Minelli - among others. The young Guy learned very quickly that money and fame do not necessarily accompany happiness.

"My father (Larry Finley) was the pioneer of the talk shows we know today, before Johnny Carson. Time Magazine named him ‘Man of the Decade’ during the fifties. I remember watching a Christmas parade when I was five years old, seated on Jayne Mansfield’s lap. She was a gorgeous and famous woman, yet her breath reeked of alcohol! I had everything that society taught me to be the source of happiness, yet I was unhappy."

Guy’s career quickly turned to music. Star musician/composer at twenty years old, he signed contracts as a rock singer, composed music for films and television, and worked with Neil Diamond for several years. Above all, he asked himself questions: How is it that at the moment where we arrive at the peak, an event takes place -- a death or a failure -- that turns us upside down and lands us at the bottom of the heap, having to begin all over again?

So he set out to find answers elsewhere. He traveled extensively in India and other parts of the Far East and then worked for many years with author and Christian mystic, Vernon Howard (The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, The Power of the Supermind), who would have a profound influence on him. It was Vernon Howard who, just before his death, encouraged Guy to write his first book.

According to Guy, each human being possesses the ability to grow, to become better, more loving, and more wise. He teaches that the know thyself of Socrates is the royal path towards a happy life.

"The human being is the fruit of the marriage between shadow and light," he declares. "We are the wolf as well as the lamb."

Guy is a contributing author for the Inspiration Channel.